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LaserWeb / CNCWeb 4.0 is an application for:

  • generating GCODE from DXF/SVG/BITMAP/JPG/PNG files for Lasers and CNC Mills (= CAM Operations)
  • controlling a connected CNC / Laser machine (running one of the supported firmwares)

This Application is built for Windows, OSX and Linux (on x86/x64 CPU) and comes with an easy installer. The server part can also be run on a Raspberry Pi.

LaserWeb / CNCWeb 4.0 can be tested on https://laserweb.github.io/LaserWeb4 (w/o machine communication).


  • Peter van der Walt (Project Founder, User Interface)
  • Todd Fleming (CNC CAM Modules, WebGL and CAM UI)
  • Sebastien Mischler (Dev Backend, Raster Module, SVG Parser)
  • Jorge Robles (Settings Module, User Interface, Optimizations)
  • Claudio Prezzi (Communications Modules, Server Part)
  • Monte Krol (User Interface, Electron Installer)
  • Anthony Tamrin (Electron Installer)
  • Ariel Yahni (Testing & Documentation)