Working with Sketchup

So you have a 2D drawing in Sketchup (or a 3D drawing that you manually unpacked into flat parts) and you want to use LaserWeb/CNCWeb to machine it out? 


  • Install the Guitarlist DXF/STL Plugin

Well, best way of getting files out of Sketchup and into LaserWeb - is via DXF. Sketchup Make (free version) does not come with DXF export built in, but that is easily fixed with the Free Guitarlist DXF and STL Export Plugin. Download and install the plugin (Note I have tested all of them and this one is by far the best! I absolutely love it for DXF and STL export from Sketchup)

  • Once the plugin is installed, you can launch it from Tools -> Export to DXF or STL in Sketchup:

  • You can select parts of the model, or export the whole model: If you didnt select anything, it will ask whether you want to export the whole model:

  • Select Millimeters (In ZA we use the metric system, so LaserWeb is Metric by design)

  • Select Polyline (NB: polylines are the easiest DXF to parse - and best way of getting shapes into LaserWeb)

  • Save the file, and open it in LaserWeb